HR Microservices

HR MICROSERVICES IS PART OF AN ECOSYSTEM that now includes blockchain

HR Microservices supports the components that make up the new hr technology blockchain landscape .

about microservices, blockchains & citizen development

To quote a recent article by Smita Deshpande from Ericson Cloud Marketing team:

"Blockchain and microservices have a lot in common. Each is designed to support open standards, public APIs and a community-centric, collaborative model.

Blockchain plays a distinctive role in the open source movement. It is a distributed, open source protocol owned by the community. Designed for transparency, it provides advanced transactional data security and provenance of transactions. No single blockchain user can compromise transactional data, and participants who are explicitly part of the transaction are assured data validity.

At the same time, an urgent need for application agility is driving increased adoption of microservice architecture. Monolithic applications are being deconstructed into modular, function-specific, inter-dependent, interacting services. This means that modern applications are inherently distributed and data-centric.

Powered by continuous data streams, they leverage distributed application logic implemented through APIs and microservices. Microservices and RESTful APIs provide both development (functional) and deployment flexibility. Today it is possible to build an entire software stack from re-usable components assembled in any combination and accessible through a public repository."

HR Microservices supports the "citizen" software revolution

HR Microservices is about helping Citizen Developers in the HR business community build applications that are needed now.

By using the latest Low Code platforms the HR user community (citizen developers) can build their own applications when needed.

It is about giving autonomy to the HR citizen developers.
It is NOT about building a Payroll (that is for the professionals), It is about building the "long tail" applications that are needed to support the HR business but not part of most HRMS systems 



The Technology (that HR does not need to know) explained


Microservices is acknowledged by experts as the fastest growing developer-centric technology of all time. Early survey figures indicate that 70% of companies are either currently using a microservice architecture, and have a strategy, or plan to in the next twelve months. It is about to change the HR technology landscape forever. 

From a technology perspective Microservices is all about APIs and containers, but from an HR business perspective it is all about COMPONENTS.  

To explain more, the diagram below illustrates the technology architecture.

Microservices Technology Architecture


Based on a diagram by Capgemini’s Luis Weir and Phil Wilkins:

Luis Weir, Oracle Ace Director – Chief Architect at Capgemini UK

Phil Wilkins, Oracle Ace Associate – Senior Consultant at Capgemini UK

It is about democratizing the application development and giving autonomy to the HR citizen developers