HR Microservices

About Us

HR Microservices is a fully owned subsidiary of Competitive Edge Technology (CET), established in 1994 to help clients gain a competitive advantage through the use of modern technology. 

CET has helped companies and governments throughout the world over the last 25 years. 

As HR technology evolved through mainframe,client server, and the cloud era, systems were designed as large monolithic products totally unsuitable for today's business environment. The Founder and MD, John Macy, has always been at the forefront of HR technology and is recognized as one of the most respected global thought leaders and is now helping clients position themselves as innovative companies adopting microservices and blockchain solutions. As new network infrastructure emerges to support applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT or Blockchain as it is better known) CET are again taking a lead role to help clients adopt the right technology for the new network infrastructure.

The Team 

John Macy - BLockchainJohn Macy: Founder & MD: An advocate for blockchain and microservices technology, he has written books and articles on the subject and has presented at events around the world explaining the benefits that can be delivered through the technology.
He is currently a member of two working groups within the ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and Electronic Distributed Ledger Technologies standard and is a participant in the National Blockchain Roadmap, through his membership of Blockchain Australia, producing a document due for presentation to the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology by the end of 2019. He has participated in panels discussing the role of blockchain in HR with members of Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain, a bipartisan political group.
He is a Life Fellow of the Australian Human Resource Institute, an award recognising his contribution to the HR community over many years.
He was Manager Information and Systems during a 25 year career with Qantas Airways and participated in the design and implementation of a global HRIS. His career at Qantas, holding senior positions in HR, gave him an understanding and experience within the HR business practice that very few other HR technology consultants can claim. 

Antonio Cerqueira is CET’s Principal Investor (CET is the owner of HR Microservices). One of Australia’s most astute businessmen, Antonio Cerqueira, has chosen to invest in the future of enterprise blockchain. Mr. Cerqueira has a track record for taking small companies and making them into major players in their industry.
He is best known for his role in founding the Oporto business with operations throughout Australia.To quote Mr. Cerqueira, “Success in business is knowing your customer and what is important to them. In today’s world of social media and data touching every aspect of our lives, people want ownership of their private and professional data and that is where blockchain ticks all the boxes”. He also warns, “Technology is maturing so rapidly that business needs the right deployment model to keep abreast. You need to consider all options, including franchising your IP and attracting investors with the same vision”. 

Patrick Macy has been the Chief Digital Designer of the CET group since the inception in 1994. Patrick is the former interactive designer for Channel 7 (i7) and has over 20 years of experience in the Multimedia field, including having taught Flash animation at Tafe. His web design business ( has many high profile Australian clients.
He has balanced his early tennis career with coaching at centres like White City. He maintains his interest in tennis globally and has played on the ATP circuit overseas.
He has a great network of friends and clients across many different industries and social fields.
He is  an accomplished artist and has held several exhibitions of his work. He brings his creative talent to everything he does and social media has given him an opportunity to explore numerous avenues.

Rodrigo Cerqueira: Chief Financial Advisor: Rodrigo’s professional journey began in 2014 upon graduating from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance, and has since been admitted into the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Over the years, he has worked closely within Business Advisory across all aspects of tax compliance including income tax, GST and FBT, choosing to specialise particularly within SME’s. Outside of this, Rodrigo’s expertise extends to business valuations, acquisition & restructures, preparing clients for a sale and consulting services on business development and growth. A desire to specialise his knowledge within the Media & Marketing industry lead to a secondment opportunity in London's West End. Now returning to Sydney, Rodrigo aims to bring the knowledge and valuable insights gained overseas to help service his local portfolio

Terence Fernandes, from Olimat Designs Pty Ltd, began working with CET on their HR Blockchain project in 2018 and has been the Chief Technology Advisor to the project. 
Terence has worked in the USA and for companies such as IBM. 
He is the lead researcher into the right technologies for blockchain and microservices platforms and has in depth knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric, AWS, Cognito and now OpenShift, as well as other non-blockchain related technologies.
He has become an integration specialist working with the Lightning product and associated authentication protocols. 

partial list of CET Clients 

For over two decades CET has provided services to some of the world's leading organizations and Government Agencies in Australia, the USA and Asia. A partial list of clients include: