HR Microservices

About Us

HR Microservices is a member of the Competitive Edge Technology (CET) group and focuses on helping clients transition to the new microservices way of building and deploying HR business applications

As HR technology evolved through mainframe,client server, and the cloud era, systems were designed as large monolithic products totally unsuitable for today's business environment. The Founder and MD, John Macy, has always been at the forefront of HR technology and is recognized as one of the most respected global thought leaders and is now helping clients position themselves as innovative companies adopting microservices and blockchain solutions. As new network infrastructure emerges to support applications such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT or Blockchain as it is better known) HR Microservices and CET are taking a lead role to help clients adopt the right technology for the new network infrastructure.

In 2017 CET put together a team of developers and investors to build a proof of concept to demonstrate how a could-based low code platform could integrate with a private/permissioned blockchain to allow company owned components and employee owned components in the blockchain environment work together in a unified architecture, but at the same time protecting employee data privacy.

CET and HR Microservices developed a set of data standards for both the Cloud and Blockchain environments and publish their standards to clients as part of a supporting ecosystem.

HR Microservices supports the global deployment of HR blockchain technology and the TRUSTED GLOBAL NETWORK FOR HR DATA.

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