HR Microservices

About Us

HR Microservices is part of the CET
(Competitive Edge Technology Pty Ltd)
group of companies. 

For the last 20 years CET has been helping clients around the world make the best possible choices from some very poor HR system options.  It was not a matter of selecting the best, but a choice between least worst options.  The main problems were the monolithic design of systems, the total lack of integration, the slow turnaround time to build or change HR systems, the absence of reliable and consistent data for business intelligence and predictive analytics.

In 2005 CET made a strategic decision to help bring about change to the basic monolithic design of HR systems to allow clients to choose best HR system modules to match their HR practice and prepare for the emerging digital platform era.

The Ecosystem

It was an enormous task and required a massive investment in time to develop a working model of the required ecosystem.  The working model and associated services included:

CET Clients Prior to 2017

For over two decades CET has provided services to some of the world's leading organizations and Government Agencies in Australia, the USA and Asia. A partial list of clients include: