HR Microservices

hr apps store / plug in products

The Store is used for two important purposes:

  1. Help clients go to the marketplace and select the component product that best fits their needs and reduces custom development
  2. Or, if the client knows the platform they wish to assemble their components on, the tool can be used to configure a solution from the mass of components they receive with the downloadable application assembly framework (Prototype) product and their own custom development

Click on the image below to be taken to the HR Apps Store or contact for access

Click on the image above to be taken to the HR Apps Store or contact for access


Products can be component applications developed for a specific platform or MICRO APPS to enhance usability and improve productivity  

According to "Word of the Day" micro apps can be described as follows:

micro app

A micro app is a small, mobile application that is designed to perform one, simple task. Micro apps are similar to desktop utility programs. In a micro app architecture, the user interacts with application functionality that runs inside an application container. Each app can function by itself or be combined with other micro apps to create a more complex program. When the complex program invokes a micro app, it will carry out its specific task.

Focusing on the workflow and encapsulating the workflow into a reusable component promotes reuse during runtimes and ensures the end user experiences a consistent workflow between sessions.


Because the workflow for a micro app focuses on a specific, self-contained event, the architecture helps address many common technical issues found in larger, monolithic mobile apps -- including improving performance and reducing power consumption and storage.

Beneficial features of micro apps

  • Compact and customized: Micro apps are modular, flexible and minimal. The tasks they perform are tailored to the user experience.
  • Cross-functional: The simplicity of micro apps makes it possible to deploy them on all types of devices and platforms without the need for separate coding, features or versions.
  • Independent: Micro apps are designed with a micro-service architecture and are typically supported by a single, independent database.
  • Low cost: Because micro apps have lean functionality, they take less time to build, use fewer resources and require less money to be spent on improvement or upkeep.
HTML/HTML5 compliant: Micro apps can be embedded into existing applications or websites. 

Micro Apps can be listed on the HR Apps Store according to the HR workflow or related process. For example, Chat Bots for an HR function such as employee on-boarding.