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HR Blockchain Services

HR Microservices help clients transition to the new Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology environment for decentralised data storage that enables greater privacy, security and employee data ownership. The diagram below illustrates the important role a blockchain component will play in the new digital platform era. 

Blockchain as the Cornerstone for the New HR Tech Architecture

To load employee data into the HR Blockchain, which is a private permissioned blockchain, it will be necessary to comply with  membership criteria determined by the governance committee of the Trusted Global Network for HR Data. For more details go to

The Blockchain Employee Data Load Process

HR Microservices helps clients load their employee data into the HR Blockchain ready for employees to take ownership using their patented process

HR Microservices helps clients leverage their investment in HR legacy systems by working with partners to decompose, or reverse engineer, a client's current system into interchangeable components 

Traditional HR Technology Consulting Services & Blockchain Data Set Up


  • Help clients understand the capabilities of modern technology enabled by a digital platform, including AI, IoT, RPA for process improvement
  • Help clients identify the right components from the Apps Store and HR technology marketplace to support their HR business practice
  • Electronically match needs to component product capability using their online specification tool and back-end product capability database. Functional requirements are weighted according to importance and the best solution is identified for further best-fit analysis (pricing, integration capability, vendor suitability/cultural fit, etc.)


For pricing and other details please contact or 


  • HR Microservices supports component integration with an Apps Store for plug in solutions to the CET platform
  • Provides a Code Store for citizen developers to copy and paste code to their custom applications.
  • HR Microservices work with clients to standardize and cleanse data in preparation for transition to the CET blockchain. 
  • Prepare spreadsheet template for bulk upload of legacy data  
  • Test and quality check data
  • Provide admin support for the integration and blockchain operation
  • Help set up security profiles for employees to take ownership of private data on the blockchain