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HR Blockchain Services

HR Microservices help clients transition to the new Blockchain / Distributed ledger Technology for decentralised data storage that enables greater privacy, security and enables data ownership

Implementation of Competitive Edge Technology's HR Blockchain 

HR Microservices is a member of the Competitive Edge Technology's (CET) consulting group offers clients a pathway to the new Blockchain environment. 


Transition License Options

1 Free data transition No software license needed to transition data
Employee only can access and maintain data 
API connectivity for HR legacy systems if CET partner
Update using CSV standardised format
Some data cleansing and alignment may be necessary
2 Basic integration platform Annual limited license needed
Two-way integration with blockchain
Company admin license(POA)
Employee and basic organisation data 
Can be used as simple HR system for data recording and reporting.
3 Extended integration and functionality platform Annual license required for data transition and use of extended functionality platform Company admin license (POA)
Consulting services for profile set up and proposed use of functional components from CET.
Special WGEA semi-automation application to slash time to submit annual report
Can be used as application framework for plug in products and reporting capability.


NOTE: The CET data transition service is only available to Australian registered companies,at this stage

Traditional HR Technology Consulting Services


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