HR Microservices

Our Services

We don’t believe in trying to map today’s known HR technology requirements to current products in the marketplace. 

We don’t believe in trying to map what we think we know about tomorrow’s requirements because no one knows what new and innovative features will become available in the new digital age, along with microservices and component architecture

What we do is focus on FUTURE CAPABILITY so that when new features arrive our clients will be well positioned to implement the features rapidly in a robust environment: That means helping clients create a prototype platform that can be easily enhanced by the business community (citizen developers and professional IT developers) to incorporate and test all the innovative HR features in the most modern solution available .

In other words, we help clients build the platform for the future by identifying all the services necessary and building a business infrastructure and ecosystem to underpin platform development. The services are illustrated in the diagram below and products are provided by like-minded companies now focusing on microservices and component technology. 




  1. The Standardised Catalogue Structure. A free copy of the HR DPS (Data Platform Standard) document and access to a wiki for suggested changes.

  2. Access to the Apps and Code Stores to copy and paste code to custom applications or plug in pre-built component applications.

  3. A FREE downloadable wiki from Confluence to act as a metadata repository for clients to record details about their application code and data. It may also link dynamically with a prototype application built on the platform.

  4. A FREE prototype application (built on the platform), which is the physical implementation of the HR DPS standard structure and component design. Suitable for small component deployments and Citizen Developer custom applications

  5. Access via consulting services to the component specification & selection tool that defines precise requirement details down to the data level (Function, Process and Data Levels) and matches against component product capability in the HR Apps Store.

  6. Low Code/No Code development environment platform products and professional HR developers wishing to build component products to be listed on the HR Apps Store. These products will take the prototype products and scale them up for large and SMB companies     

HR Microservices is part of the CET group of companies and use the services of other members of the group for consulting, prototype downloading, and market access.

CONSULTING: HR Microservices are using the consulting resources of Competitive Edge Technology (CET) to ensure clients get maximum value from making the transformation to an HR digital platform and embracing the new method of HR component assembly, underpinned by microservices technology.
CET are pioneers in HR microservices architecture and leaders in helping clients understand the potential, develop strategies and successfully implement HR component solutions.

PROTOTYPE DOWNLOAD: HR Microservices use the services of HR Cloud Solutions for clients to download and install a pre-built HR Application Prototype, built on the platform (from, designed compliant with the HR-DPS standard structure to allow interchangeability with other components on the HR Apps Store and to locate code on the HR Code Store

MARKET ACCESS: HR Microservices use the services of CCR to provide access for clients to the HR Apps and HR Code Stores, along with a document management facility to store metadata information about components used by clients in their HR technology solution.