HR Microservices

HR data platform

In an era of component assembly the new methodology is choice between DevOps for IT people, RAD (Rapid Application Development) for project teams or Prototype development for Citizen Developers. To support the prototype methodology we offer clients two choices: (1) Build your own using the HR Data Platform Standard published guidelines or (2) download a pre-built working prototype from your chosen platform provider (if there is one available) to accelerate development. 

Build Your Own standardized HR data platform

Contact us to request a PDF version of the HR Data Platform Standard. There are over 100 objects and 3,000 data elements specified. We suggest that you check first with us to see if there is a pre-built application for your platform of choice.

NOTE: If you wish to use the HR Apps or Code Stores you must use the catalogued data structure in the HR Data Platform Standard publication.

Download a Pre-Built HR data platform ( platform)

A downloaded HR Data Platform is the foundation layer for a company’s new integrated digital environment. At September 2017 there was only one pre-built prototype available, built on the platform. It is available free ( hosted license needed) to Competitive Edge Technology clients. The advantages of installing the HR Data Platform are: 

To use as a prototype for determining HR technology needs
To act as a fully functional HR system for small to medium size companies
To get HR software projects up and running fast
To use for a walk-up start for custom development
To use as an extension platform and provide additional functionality to their current HR legacy system.
To use as an integration platform to pull data from any source and provide a common reporting platform
To use as a plug-in framework for HR components purchased from the marketplace or built internally.
*NEW*  To integrate blockchain data, via API connection to "blocks", to the HR Data Platform

To request a free (to CET clients) packaged download click on the image below.